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Precinct Chairs

leadership_wordle**2015-2016 Precinct Chairs**

Precincts are the foundation of the party.  If you want to be active in your precinct, contact your precinct chair or county party chair.

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others”

Davidson County Democrats, we need you to join us in this leadership movement!

* indicates interim or current contact
Prec Chm-Abbotts Creek #1
Vice Chm-Abbotts Creek #1
Prec Chm-Arcadia
Vice Chm-Arcadia
Prec Chm-Boone
Vice Chm-Boone
Prec Chm-Central
Vice Chm-Central
Prec Chm-Cotton Grove Gloria Cross* 336-300-8018
Vice Chm-Cotton Grove
Prec Chm-Denton Sydney Staley* 336-596-2263
Vice Chm-Denton
Prec Chm-Emmons Reva Pennington* 336-746-5998
Vice Chm-Emmons
Prec Chm-Gumtree
Vice Chm-Gumtree
Prec Chm-Healing Springs Doug Pearson 336-859-9440
Vice Chm-Healing Springs
Prec Chm-Holly Grove Larry Conrad* 336-479-8263
Vice Chm-Holly Grove
Prec Chm-Lexington #1
Vice Chm-Lexington #1
Prec Chm-Lexington #2
Vice Chm-Lexington #2
Prec Chm-Lexington #3  Ulysse (J.R.) Arrington  336-300-1517
Vice Chm-Lexington #3 Barbara Jean Herring* 336-249-0731
Prec Chm-Lexington #4  Scott McLaughlin*  336-870-1797
Vice Chm-Lexington #4
Chm-Lexington Ward 1 Kendra Holmes 336-250-2041
Vice Chm-Lexington Ward 1
Prec Chm-Lexington Ward 2 John Koonts 336-250-4083
Vice Chm-Lexington Ward 2 Sally Davis  336-249-9787
Prec Chm-Lexington Ward 3 Linwood Bunce* 336-313-0264
Vice Chm-Lexington Ward 3 Jewel McDade* 336-248-2873
Prec Chm-Lexington Ward 4 Peggy Everhart* 336-248-6848
Vice Chm-Lexington Ward 4
Prec Chm-Lexington Ward 5
Vice Chm-Lexington Ward 5
Prec Chm-Lexington Ward 6 Jeanie Buchanan 336-249-4615
Vice Chm-Lexington Ward 6 Calvin Cunningham 336-243-1385
Prec Chm-Liberty
Vice Chm-Liberty
Prec Chm-Midway
Vice Chm-Midway  Audrey Lynge*  336-250-1535
Prec Chm-N Davidson
Vice Chm-N Davidson
Prec Chm-Reeds/Yadkin College
Prec Chm-Reeds/Yadkin College
Prec Chm-Reedy Creek Kitty Craver* 336-731-4782
Prec Chm-Reedy Creek  Jeff Switzer*  336-787-3796
Prec Chm-Silver Hill  Cathy Hedrick
Vice Chm-Silver Hill
Prec Chm-Silver Valley
Vice Chm-Silver Valley
Prec Chm-South Davidson
Vice Chm-South Davidson
Prec Chm-Southmont Christopher Turner 336-596-4611
Vice Chm-Southmont  Betty Hedrick  336-798-1892
Prec Chm-Thomasville #1 Jeanne Doom 606-224-3716
Vice Chm-Thomasville #1  Willis Seigle  336-561-3273
Prec Chm-Thomasville #2 Larry Kirby 336-475-8712
Vice Chm-Thomasville #2
Prec Chm-Thomasville #3  Alton Jefferies  336-561-3929
Vice Chm-Thomasville #3  James Mathis  336-475-1468
Prec Chm-Thomasville #4  Sue Armbuster  336-313-5317
Vice Chm-Thomasville #4
Prec Chm-Thomasville #5 Bob R. Michael 336-476-3487
Vice Chm-Thomasville #5 Colon Starrett 336-475-1081
Prec Chm-Thomasville #7 Tommy Evans* 336-309-3187
Vice Chm-Thomasville #7 Faye Powell* 336-475-1247
Prec Chm-Thomasville #8
Vice Chm-Thomasville #8
Prec Chm-Thomasville #9 Voncile Moser 336-847-2288
Vice Chm-Thomasville #9 Tina Royal 336-250-4606
Prec Chm-Thomasville #10  Chad Hughes*  336-883-5309
Vice Chm-Thomasville #10
Prec Chm-Tyro
Vice Chm-Tyro
Prec Chm-Wallburg Mary Cridlebaugh* 336-889-2567
Vice Chm-Wallburg
Prec Chm-Welcome  James Berrier 336-239-4514
Vice Chm-Welcome
Prec Chm-West Arcadia
Vice Chm-West Arcadia

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