A Message from our Chairman



Greetings and Salutations,

Happy New Year!  The New Year and this new beginning are truly blessings that have been granted to us.  Regrettably, many who stood by our side in 2013 and helped lead us through uncertainty and trials have gone home and answered the higher calling of our creator.  They fought the good fight, but they left knowing that those left behind would continue on in the struggle.  Together we must continue to stand and fight against issues that are of no laughing matter in our communities, county, state and country.


We must continue to fight against unemployment without unemployment benefits; sickness without access to affordable health care, or available insurance to cover illness; and, the rights of women being taken away because they are viewed as objects who should not be allowed to make decisions when it comes to their bodies and health.


We must continue to fight against the rising number of people without a place to call home because of jobs with low wages, and no accessibility to an affordable education to prepare themselves for the advanced manufacturing jobs that are available.  We must continue to fight against the destruction of public education as educators who have answered their call and purpose are being ridiculed and devalued.  Many must work two or more extra jobs to make ends meet; some qualify for public assistance.


Finally, we must continue to fight against public officials who answer to the highest bidder or donor, failing to represent every man, woman, and child in their districts, counties, and in this state.


These STRUGGLES ARE REAL!  This is NO LAUGHING MATTER!  Whether you are Republican, Democrat, or Unaffiliated, the circumstances mentioned above along with other trials and tribulations, exist only because some among us feel that this is normal in a country of those who have and who have not. The reality is that in the end, we must all work together to improve our circumstances.


Happy New Year and God Bless Us All

Craig Lindsay

Davidson County Democratic Party Chair

What We Believe


The Democratic Party believes strong, well-funded public schools, colleges and universities will produce a skilled workforce. These are the foundation for a strong economy.  We believe that our tax system must be structured to promote a strong middle class.  And all our citizens are entitled to government that reflects fairness, justice, and opportunity for all.  We support candidates who will use their positions to move North Carolina forward, not backward.